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Our paper has been published by ”Scientific Reports”

Deep Learning has been used in various medical fields recently especially in radiology and pathology where medical image recognition has been used frequently. We have announced in January 2020 the establishment of an AI model to detect epithelial tumors in the stomach and colon, and this has been published by Scientific Reports. (Scientific Reports 2020, volume 10, Article (number: 1504) We are so pleased to announce that on June 9th, 2020, our paper co-authored by the doctors from the National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical Center and members of Medmain Inc.

Focus on the "Medmainer" - Fahdi Kanavati

Fahdi Kanavati - AI Research Engineer

Hi! My name is Daiki, and I’m working in the recruitment and PR team at Medmain. In this issue of Medmain Speaks, we feature Fahdi Kanavati from the engineering team. As an AI Research Engineer, he is working on AI development of our product PidPort, a digital pathology image AI analysis solution. He currently lives in the UK and works remotely for Medmain. Why did he decide to join Medmain?

Introduction to Pathology vol.2

Specimen Preparation

Hello! I’m Naoko from recruitment / public relations team at Medmain. In this blog “Medmain Speaks”, you will find interviews with members at Medmain, as well as a series of articles on pathology. I would be happy if this post would be an opportunity for more of you to deepen understanding of the importance of “pathology,” which plays an important role in the area of medicine. Today, I would like

Focus on the “Medmainer” - Ryunosuke Iwakawa and Yuki Yoshida

Ryunosuke Iwakawa and Yuki Yoshida

My name is Daiki, from recruitment and PR team at Medmain Inc. Today, we would like to spotlight two of our members Ryunosuke Iwakawa and Yuki Yoshida. They have been working for Medmain since the foundation of the company and are fully committed to driving our business forward. “How did they encounter Medmain…?” “What made them decide to fully commit to Medmain..?.” “What are the things they want to do in the future?

Our CEO was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia!!

Our CEO Osamu Iizuka was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 - Asia’s Healthcare & Science category as announced by Forbes on April 2(JST) . 【About Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia】Forbes selects young entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers who are under the age of 30 in their respective fields in 23 countries and regions across