Promoting the Social Implementation of Pathological AI Developed by JP-AID and the University of Tokyo.

Dr. Hiroyuki Abe, Senior lecturer at the University of Tokyo (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan), gave an announcement on the achievements and future prospects of the Japan Pathology AI Diagnostics Project (hereinafter “JP-AID”), at the 69th Autumn Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pathology.

The JP-AID is a project initiated by the Japanese Society of Pathology (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) with support from Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; hereinafter “AMED”). As a JP-AID project, the University of Tokyo and the National Institute of Informatics (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; hereinafter “NII”) have jointly developed AI to assist in the pathological diagnosis of gastric biopsies.

It was announced at the meeting that this AI-powered system for gastric biopsies will be developed as a software as medical device (SaMD) to support pathological diagnosis with the aim of obtaining regulatory approval and implementing it in society, in the “Medical Innovation Promotion Project (Development and Commercialization Project)” selected by AMED.

Medmain Inc. will help reduce the workload of busy pathologists with this AI to support pathological diagnosis. It is also expected to promote the elimination of the cancer-care disparity by incorporating it into the telepathology diagnosis for doctors.